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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A day in Jupiter - The Destination

Hold on... This isn't about any space expedition. This is a very special place where people like me spend one-third of our life (Yes.. 1/3 of life on a daily basis). This is a very quite place with no frills attached and looks like the old cinema tents in my village.

Though it looks like a tent, you will be taken for a surprise when you enter the place... What receives you at the entrance is an abstract wall painting on the right-hand side. Though it doesn't match with the Tanjore painting or the ones in Ajanta & Ellora caves, I like it. Many a times I wanted to do a similar one at my house, but my CPU & RAM was not capable enough to capture the entire design at a time. Well, on the left hand side, you find a captain with a smiling face, asking you to show him your cell phone so that he can make sure that there are no contra-band articles that you are trying to smuggle inside. You will also feel a peculiar stingy odour emanating from somewhere... but you silly, You feel it stingy because you are not exposed to the latest fashion and perfumes... Done with your formalities, you flash your card, open the door and you are in !!

At first moment you feel whether you have gone to the poles... Sub zero temparatures... (Slightly negotiable ;)) And you wull curse the moment that you thought it is pretty sunny outside and your jacket/gherkin/windchetter is not required. You walk into your designated offices and then start the boxing for the day.

As the day progresses, you find that the seasons are also changing. Pretty fast world.. huh? On the earth, it takes a good 365 days for a complete cycle of seasons, whereas in Jupiter it takes just 24 hours... just a day... do you believe it? So what is the "Productivity Increase", "Turn Around Time"?? We should ask the green and black belts about this. Anyways, by around 2PM, you start feeling the heat... Yes, things get heated up by 2. Now you have reached an equilibrium with the environment outside... hmm effects of global warming.... And as the day progresses, you start cursing the moment when you decided to wear the Jean, or that woollen mixed shirt because global warming is happening!! And... by the time it reaches 5PM, you start thinking on why u thought of wearing "anything". Being an air-"Conditioned" facility, the probability and possibility of having a pedestal fan is thin... The guys think of doing a "Ganguly", not to express emotion or solidarity, but to use them as a fan... Girls think of doing a "Rakhi Sawant"... And who talked about gender equality? Not in this planet atleast... as you see the events turning around... Guys can manage to do a Ganguly but definitely NO Rakhi.

And at the end of the day, you can walk out as if from a factory, sweating, panting and using your shirt as a fan, flash your card and walk past the captain into a cool evening. Anybody try to speak or raise concerns about this wonderful phenomenon of changing seasons in this planet will be sentenced.

Listen to a lecture of 1 hr about "How does the AC work"

You will be provided a certificate of "Certified AC Mechanic" at the end of the term.


An address.... No, that will be too late
Also I cannot contain you in an address
Worship..That may feel foolish, its not false
Can I call it the "Pain of friendship"?
Words are getting struck somewhere.....
You've influenced me...sure.
That may be why I felt like remembering our days together...
How can I tell those people who-Hasn't felt the pain of heart,
Doesn't have a bit of kindness,Hasn't loved atleast once...
ThatWe have a fire of love between us???
A kiss of death in rejection???
Your memories have the softness of life...
Thanks a lot for those memories you have presented me
I don't believe in resurrection,
Still... Even when I come to know that my dreams are not real,
My heart is still filling with love.....