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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Exploring the Frontiers of Happiness - Talk by Dan Gilbert

Invest a 30 mins of time in seeing this video - Pretty interesting!!
Especially when Behavioral Economics is getting a great deal of attention off-late - in the wake of what we have made out of this world!!!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Won the contest - Finally!

For me, 2009 does not look as gloomy as the market - after all! Things had been picking up for me (on a personal note) slowly since beggining of this year and here is the icing on the top - My photo got selected in our organization's calendar contest! Yes!! it is my photo that decorates the September 2009 month in our organization's calendar... yippeee...

Thanks a bunch to my friend Lalitha, who took the pain of photographing the calendar & sending it across to me. (I still haven't gotten a hard copy of the calendar yet :) )

And here is the link to the original photo in my photoblog:-