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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Fairy Tale Concert

I have realized that my hobbies are getting switched pretty frequently - off late. Sometimes I am on full throttle with my still camera & then sometimes into video mixing & editing. And then the next day I get bored of each of this & gets settled with a book.

In between this switches, I had my baby's Annual Concert held at her school on the 6th of March 09. It was named as the "Fairy Tale Concert". The initial agreement (between the halves) was for me to handle the still camera whereas my significant half decided to record the show in the video cam. And I messed up by picking up the wrong lens with me (I was expecting that I will get a seat at the far end of the hall & carried my telephoto lens - whereas we were the first one to come in & took the second row seats...) And given the fact that I did not want to trade my seats for a better camera vision, I decided to trade on the camera. [:)] And here comes the icing on the top. My better half packs my "puttum kutti" (as she calls it) and pulls out her POS camera with a statement - "I knew this would happen, so I carried mine too..."

And we went on enjoying the show. It was wooookke..., but to the level of the kids, I think they put up a good show. The best part was the children themselves had made the stage decorations painted... end to end!

Watch it here - The Performance & my Camera work, Editing & Mixing... LOL