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Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Snow - A nostalgic desperation

My dear friend,
I can feel the snow melting through
the nerves of January.
The love you left behind the frozen window
of memories is scaring me.
Do you remember those days, my friend, when
we use to dream of the spring
after these rain of fire?
The days when the stars come down to earth
to dance with us?
I remember your words, my friend, that
A new dawn will follow this frozen night
wiping out the darkness
A new light whose brightness will burn all those
whores who speak of charity
Why did you give me this, my dear friend??
This burning coal of kindness and
the rage of bitter truth
Now I wish, my friend, I be with you. . .

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Anonymous said...

You have penned your thoughts with great touch. Keep posting your words.