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Sunday, July 06, 2008

My Hate List & all about Jeevan

Tagging is the best thing that can happen to me now. The simple reason being that I have hit a mental block on blogging - too many thoughts, not one to blog about! And I realize that I have been tagged by Dhanya.

Thank you Dhanya. I am picking up the tag with my hate list. Well, I actually have a list of people whom I secretly hate [:)], but ain't that politically so incorrect? So I am now choosing to be a little hypocritical to have my hate list as a 'category' of people. And here we go...

Rank 1. Religious fanatics: - This is one kind of people whom I cannot stand & I am normally lucky to find some way out of having to speak to such people. According to me, religion & faith is something personal and one should not wear it on their sleeves. I have also discovered an effective way to having them to shut up - ask logical questions, pick up the threads & rapid fire. And never talk about your thoughts, just ask genuine questions... After a few minutes, they will start to realize that they have been trapped by their own words & will excuse themselves.

Rank 2. Child Molesters: - With no exception, such people should be shot at range - point blank. They are a disgrace to civilization and I believe that they don’t even qualify to be considered under human right acts – because they are inhuman. They don’t realize the extent of psychological damage that they bring into the minds of the young children which they carry through out their life times. Physical damage can be healed, psychological damage is more devastating

Rank 3. Eve Teasers: - For some reason, I just can't reason with such people. Such people get so charged up when somebody else treats their own siblings in a similar fashion. The question I ask to such people is - How is 'that girl' different from your sibling? Every girl in the world is somebody's sister or mother or wife or daughter. So treat everyone with the respect they deserve!

Rank 4. People with double standards: - When it is about somebody in my family, I need to be concerned about the upbringing, facilities & the pampering that I need to provide them, but when it comes to somebody else’s family, it is all because they already have too much & need to learn the harsh realities of life! I always wonder how people can so openly have double standards! At a common man’s life, this is very common while dealing with children in their high schools or colleges.

A good example is school commute. I knew a person who had a kid in the same class of mine & he used to drop his kid in the school in a car while he used to lecture to my dad about the need for children having to learn the harsh realities of life, indirectly pointing to my dad not to give me money for the line-bus, so that we have to walk the 2.5 kms to school (Fare to my school was 10 paise per head one side & petrol was 22 rupees per liter then… grrr) to face the ‘harsh reality’ of life!

On a larger canvas, this is one of the biggest problems the world is facing from the present largest economy. If not for its double standards, the Cold War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, the Iraq War, the Afghan war and many more to come could have been/can be avoided.

Rank 5. Caste Politicians: - This is another category of people whom, if I had a chance would have shot point blank. They have no clue on how they are poisoning the minds of generations after generations for the sake of their vote bank politics. It does not come to me as a surprise that they are against education because it is convenient that way. I will come back on education after passing on the hate baton!

I would like to hand over the baton to the following people:-

Arun - Surprise to you - Keep blogging ;)
Sangeetha - Like to see the hate list of this ever positive personality
Parameshwaran - Another ever positive personality

All about Jeevan, the Casteless
Now, coming back to education, I feel ashamed about what is presently happening in Kerala (The state that is ranked second in India - in terms of literacy – a whopping 92% literate against the country average of ~55%) on certain sections of the Social Science text book of class 7 – A chapter roughly translated as “Jeevan, the casteless”. I was keen listening to the hungama while I was vacationing there last month & wanted to read the trivial chapter in the text book. I, having personally read the book, could not find anything trivial there and in contradiction, the chapter promotes resilience & teaches the students to respect other’s faiths. I still have no clue on why it is being quoted as the government trying to promote communism & teaching the students to shy away from beliefs. What was most disturbing was that there were a group of churches in the Middle-Travancore area who read out a statement in their daily masses that “We should protect our religion even if it means blood shed”.

What a Shame!

I have attached the scan copies of the trivial chapters - It is in Malayalam and since it is already trivial, I am not taking the risk of doing a transalation :)


Dhanya said...

Thanks a lot for taking up the tag.. Have to agree with you for all the categories.. n I too read about the hungama about the text book.. People just do something without even realizing what it is about :(

Santosh said...

Yeah - many people who make all those statements hasn't even seen the textbook - looks like an agenda similar to the 'Vimochana samaram' - part II... he he he

Anonymous said...


teaching is one thing, glorifying an alternate view is very different from that. and i've to say that the text book does cross that fine line in some places. I do subscribe to the alternate view being glorified here, but that doesn't make me (or people who think like me) to make it "knowledge". Views are not knowledge, opinions are not principles.

Santosh said...

"Views are not knowledge, opinions are not principles" - Absolutely agree. And what we need is the temperament to float above these views & opinions to really follow what your mind says is the right thing. Resilience to the callings of the world!

My point here is only to say that in this world of hatred & fanatism, do we chose to bring up our children to be one among them or teach them to be more compassionate & resilient. The parents have the choice.