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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sad, shocked & as blank as it can get

My mind is as blank as it can get after hearing the shocking news about the terrorist attack in Mumbai. Does killing innocent public help anyone get their revenge? or does it make any statement? I fail to understand what drives the mind of such people.

More than anything, I am baffled to see the whole fraternity fail in their intelligence (everyone as a team), this being the 8th ot 9th terrorist attack in India in 2008 where the common man is targetted. As expected, our leadership has come out with statements of deploring the incident, condemning the incident & all sorts of mud slinging.

I am totally at loss of words. My prayers are with all of you who lost your dear and near ones or got injured in the attack on Wednesday.

What do we see on their face? Hope? or What next? or the indifference that nothing more can be expected from the government - except 'hot' statements?

Photo courtesy: Mathrubhumi


Sini said...

I fail to understand how someone can just shoot and kill people at random.

I do understand if it was a war, and if someone was fighting for his life against soldiers. But this is unfathomable!

Santosh said...


Yeah - They don't deserve to be treated humans.

More than that what baffles me is: - When do our 'elected' government learn to act for the Country (as a team) - and not for their respective parties or region or religion?

I guess we have to be blamed for electing such donkeys to sit there & pretend to be governing.

Sini said...

Ahh.. politicians.. It depresses me to think about them, but I felt Manmohan Singh was in some ways better than the fools we had had to endure.. But then he has the best home minister in the world! All these people have to do is be loyal to the chief and they get to be ministers...

Santosh said...

No special mention to any person or party - but I get sick of statements where the state blames the centre, the centre blames the state, the police blaming intelligence, the intelligence blaming the police and everyone together blaming muslims & Pakistan. It has reached a state where even if a minister had loose bowels, that too is a handywork of Pakistan.

If they have proof & intelligence, why dont they do something to prevent it? - that baffles me!

Dhanya said...

Whom are we asking these questions and what's the use? It's too disgusting to put it mildly..

Santosh said...

Who else is responsible Dhanya? Its just us. The set of donkeys who elect these people time & again.