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Wednesday, July 01, 2009


J: So, How are you doing Santosh?
S: I am doing OK, pretty busy off-late.
J: Yeah, life’s been crazy for everyone I guess… and how is your daughter?
S: She is doing fine
J: Did she get the swine-flu yet?
S: What!??
J: I mean; does her school have cases of swine-flu?
S; None, so far
J: Ohh yeah, she goes to the school here… right?
S: Yeah, and I believe it originated here…
J: (a long silence....)

I felt like getting up from the chair, lifting it up, and smashing it on the other party to put an end to it.
Well, some people are inscrutable!


Usha said...

aww!that's is mean!

Santosh said...

Ohh yes. You have no idea how much this person ticked me off that day.

Usha said...

I know....people can get insensitive sometimes...intentionally or not..