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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To all drivers!

Anyone who had had a very close encounter in a road accident knows that all it takes is a few milliseconds to change your world, your family's world & even somebody else's world. I & SH had had a very close shave in Feb 2003 at Bangalore and the only reason we survived was helmets - The helmet almost broke into two and my head was intact... Apparently most of these awakenings/self-realization come only when one personally go through such a trauma because words, in any language, does not have the power to translate all that trauma into paper/web/media.

Drive Safely, Wear Seatbelts, Use Helmets if riding a bike! You are saving your life and may be a lot many others too. Nobody thinks high of you when you are speeding!

Watch this video & this is one of the closest that I have seen where the author/director has been successful in translating the trama - I dont know if it is just that I am able to correlate to it well..

Watch it here...


SP said...

WOW... that was a nice video... touching

Santosh said...

Yeah - All it takes is a few seconds...

Seema Menon said...

A very close friend had a touch and go accident two weeks back in India, riding her Scooty. The head near the ears was injured, and the verdict was that it happened because she was not wearing a helmet.

India and we, Indians still take the laws so lightly!!

Fozylet said...

Very true... all it takes is a few moments.

Somehow, it doesn't "sink in" until it happens to yourself or someone near

Santosh said...

Hope your friend is doing better now. I am sure she will start wearing a helmet now!

The problem is when the hair style matters more than the head. And that comes from inexperience on how valued your life is.

Bulls Eye! It doesn't sink in until it happens to you - not even someone dear.

As a matter of fact, I started wearing a helmet to beat the Bangalore cold in the late 90s & not really because I should wear one to protect my head. But eventually that gave me a second life!

Bindhu Unny said...

Yes, the video captures it right. If only more people try to follow the road rules! Yesterday I saw a group of boys driving through the Lonavla roads with almost nil visibility - one spread on the bonnet and two on the top, and a few inside the car - all shouting and singing!