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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Corporate, Politics and a few Puppets

Bitching, bitching & bitching...

Is that the only way to get over it? And what is that constructive way to get over this whole mess? Ahh yes... sportsman spirit! What we need here is sportsman spirit - to effectively get over it and be back in the ring.

Sometimes you find very smart people; And there are others who think they are smart; Poor guys, I can only pity them. Because all they can do is to pull strings and they feel that they are good at it. Poor souls! And they walk into the real booby traps exposing themselves!

And now, why am I cribbing, having known the terrain? Atleast my father does not have cancer & my mother is not down with ulcer and I dont have to get my sister married off with the dollars in tow.

I feel depressed of only one thing. Somebody starts this game, it is like the termites; it goes on and on until it swallows the whole organization. It is like the religion card the politicians play; somebody plays the card and every other person goes on defensive with their own cards. Trust, teamplay, relationship, sportsman spirit, all of them are at stake. And at the cost of?

We need to recognise and identify these weeds in the organization before they start breeding and outgrow the real professionals. They are like the bacteria, and breeds very fast and slowly sets up a "company" - like the one of ram gopal verma...

Anyways, the parting shot is that it is short lived, and let the poor fellas have some fun.

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SS & PP said...

hmmm...rightly said.. but no one deserves ur pity...they just need to be ignored and we carry on with our life..doing good and not falling into this vicious circle!and rest would be taken care of !