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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hooray, I am a PMP!

I just completed my first Certification in professional life. I have been certified by the Project Management Institute(PMI) as a Project Management Professional(PMP) on 21st May 2007. It had been a long and tiresome push & pressure from the management and this year it got officially listed in my goals for 2007; which means no escape... I have no chance to dodge it any more.

Personally, I dont believe in certifications. Especially after I interviewed an OCP 5 years back who did not even know the basics of programming in PL/SQL. And that is why I never had any certifications in my close to 8 years of life as a Software Engineer (trainee, junior, senior, principal & now senior principal). And now why this? This is a message; a message to people who believed that people like me cannot do it - especially because I never had any certifications before.

And finally yes; money! I should admit, I am greedy, I need lot of money. And there is a long story behind it - I dont want to open the pandora box here, because it would require a space in the weekly columns for a year... long story(Neenda katha)... Sahana samarathindae oru neenda adhyaayam... I dont know whether it helps me at my present job, but definitely yes, when I decide to hop, it would.

More than anything else; this would help me to keep my name like "Munnabhai, MBBS" - "Santosh Subramanian, PMP" :)

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Anonymous said...

There was a very great doubt whether we should have a Certification, thanks for the information. yoga_blakshmi@yahoo.com

Santosh said...


Certifications carry value only when you implement what you have learnt in the process of getting certified... In a new place with new faces around, in might give you credibility, but in the long run, what matters is what stuff have you got under your sleeves...

& Thanks for stopping by!