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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Save their souls

I had been dropping and picking up my daughter at the play school for the past 4 weeks now. The look at her eyes when I say bye to her at school, slowly watering, yet trying not to cry, it pricks me hard some where in my heart. Both of us know that we will meet again in another few hours, but for some reason my soul clenches when I see that look on her face.

And when my wife calls me up to find out how she did when I dropped her, I would lie that she did well (And in all practical sense she did well - except for mothers). The interesting fact is that she knows that I am not going to tell the truth and I too know that she is not going to believe what I said. Still, we do that. Mothers - They are a different species. I keep telling my friends that there is no two, but three sexes - Male, Female & Mothers.

Last day I was driving back from the Indian store in Parsippany and I had this CD playing in my car. "Aaalaapanamm... Thedum Saanthwanam..."; This is a very touching song from a beautiful 80s malayalam movie (Endae Sooryaputhrikku) acted by Amala & Sreevidya. The lyrics & the melody really touches you. And the story line is about somebody forced to being an orphan because of the social stigma associated with un-wed mothers in a conservative society like India.

At one point of time, I tried to draw a correlation between my experience of dropping my kid at school and this story line. If you ask me, my daughter is my life; She is all that I have got and I will go to any extend to take care of her. I was trying to correlate the pain in her eyes when she is left for herself for a few hours with a child who has to face it right through his/her childhood. The caring and love is any child's birth right; irrespective of being in any country. The thought sent a shudder through my spine and I did not have strength to think of that any more...

A parting thought to all the fathers & mothers who has created so much of orphans in the world (Ofcourse, cloning is pretty new to the world!) - If you cant take responsibility of your orgasm, please use what ever preventive mechanism you have (pills, condoms... what ever). The cost of that is very less compared to the trauma and pain that you put those children through.

Atleast save them from that!

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