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Monday, February 09, 2009

Shortcut to Success

Is there a shortcut to success? Of course, it is a magic potion that has the following ingredients - commitment, hard work & perseverance!

I stumbled upon a videoclipping from a Tamil movie - Mayakannadi - the last day (Thanks to Pam's orkut updates) and I was pleasantly surprised that even now, there are some movies made that does its small bit of social justice to the community as a medium. You could hear various kind of arguments that justifies the storyline in various movies about the mass appeal, box office formulae and some amount of poetic expression of ideas & stories. Whatever may be the underlying factor, there is no doubt that cinema as a medium has an impact on the viewing public. It only varies in degree by the personality of the viewer.

I grew up viewing a lot of movies where we have the protagonist who has a poor financial & social background - have to face real hardships and finally we see him go off to "Bombay" or "Madras" - Time flies in a few seconds on the screen and we see a very well-to-do person return back to his hometown to take "revenge" (huh!?) on the people who insulted & assaulted his family in the past.

What happens to the protogonist during exile? How does he get so succesful in a short span of time? What makes him an overnight success? What other quality does he develop in a short span of time that he did not have in the 25-30 years he struggled in his village?

I feel dissappointed when I see a lot of youths nowadays who take on to making a quick buck, but not really ready to work or invest their time and efforts towards it. There are definitely a lot more smart ways now - than earlier - to develop a successful career or build an enterprise. Provided, you have the commitment towards that, you put in your hard work in building that, and finally having the perseverance in trying again and again when ever you fail!

I used to have a bookmark with me (forgot who gifted that to me!) which read like this -> It does not matter whether you get knocked down, but what matters is whether you get back up on your feet!

And here is the clip that I saw on youtube:-

I have started to like Cheran as a film director for some of the thoughtful movies that he had made in the last few years. Take out some of the sentiments & the masala from the scene above, I guess the message is loud & clear...


Bindhu Unny said...

Some good movies come once in a while. Often, they'll fail to attract crowd. :-)

Santosh said...


Yeah - true. Thanks for stopping by... I saw the photos of the Kala Ghoda festival... good ones... pinne athinu abhiprayam parayaan maathram vivaram illaathathondu onnum commentiyilla ennu maathram... :)

Sini said...


Santosh said...

Thanks for coming by...
"Interesting" is a very open ended statement & has got me confused! :) Mind elaborating?

Nachiketh said...


very good post,this is very apt on the this our global situation .


Santosh said...


Thanks for visiting & commenting... I consider it an honor ;)

Sini said...

Interesting clip..
I don't watch too many tamil movies. I found this somewhat melodramatic, but nice. interesting... :) Taking generations to fulfil dreams and all.. i hope i understood the language correctly tho.. Not very good in Tamil...

Santosh said...


Yeah, the clip is a bit melodramatic, and that is why I had mentioned that 'Take out some of the sentiments & the masala from the scene'... ;)

But yeah - you got it right... LOL